Thursday, 24 January 2013


I can't believe our time together in Hum Co-op is at an end. I have loved and learned every minute working with you all. Your humour, creativity, insight and kindness has made each day a joy, truly. And I sincerely hope I have the opportunity to work with you again. Thank you for all of your hard work in class and in your work placements. You made Matheson proud.

I wish each and every one of you fulfillment and wild peculiar joy as you set out on your next journey, your next bright, bright horizon.

p.s. remember back to your own Kindergarten years; see how far you've come!

Friday, 11 January 2013

Week 11: What to Expect

Monday, Jan. 14th:
* Media Tactics Analysis: What makes a spoof ad effective? What are its pieces?

* Create your own spoof ad: Due Wednesday

Tuesday. Jan. 15th:
* Complete Spoof Ad
* Exam Prep: Work through reading comprehension and response "Death Above Water"

Wednesday. Jan. 16th:
Class analyse Bowling For Columbine

Thursday, Jan. 17th:
* Complete Bowling For Columbine analysis and share as class
* Exam Preparation: Poetry reading and response, "Lifting of the Mist"
* Class-created model of excellence

Friday, Jan. 18th:
* Exam Preparation: Short Fiction reading and response, "Circus in Town"
* Class-created model of excellence 
* Portfolio work: Gala next Wednesday

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Final Exam Coming. Get Ready!

Your Final Exams are coming up and they are your responsibility.

Final Evaluations: 
Portfolio Gala: Wednesday January 23rd
Final Exam-Part 1: Reading Comprehension & Poetry Written Response: Wed January 23rd
Final Exam Part 2: Short Story Literary Essay: Thurs January 24th

 It is required that you complete practice reads, writes, and use ALL the resources available to you to be expertly prepared for this important final evaluation.

1.) Complete at least one practice exam (including written) each week
2.) Use the answer keys and samples of excellence and failure
3.) Study your literary and poetic devices. Not just memorize the terms, but be able to identify and  analyze them
4.) Switch practice written pieces with friends and edit, revise. Compare your writing pieces to the samples and answer keys provided
5.) Go back through all of your work, all of the feedback, remedy your personal areas for improvement and bring those improved skills into your final evaluations.

Use the following links for practice and preparation:
* The Ultimate Exam Preparation Site:

* Provincial Exam Writing Samples Minimal to Excellence:

* English 12 Provincial Exam Site:

* Rasul Group: Great Multiple Choice and Written Practice and Help:

* Question Bank: The Biggest Practice Provincial Bank of Questions and Written:

* English 11 Final Exam Expectations

* Poetic and Literary Devices Glossary:

* Provincial Exam Flash Cards:

Week 10: What to Expect

Mon. Jan. 7th:
* Welcome Back! I hope your winter break was restful and rejuvenating!
* Words of the Week: Week 9 (Vocab Checked Friday)
* Class dramatic read, audio-recording and viewing of Act 4
* Macbeth/Macduff Foil Analysis: Due Wednesday

Tues. Jan. 8th:
* "Out, Damned Spot" class explores the undoing of Lady Macbeth
* "Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow"

*Infamous soliloquy: Macbeth's vision of life. Hear it, dissect it, know it. Maybe I'll call you next year to recite it
* Watch the conclusion of Macbeth

Wed. Jan. 9th:
* Final examination of Macbeth. Hand in Macbeth/Macduff Foil
* Individually or collaboratively create your own representation of Macbeth: Macbeth Multiple Intelligences Final Assessment Options: Due Friday

Thurs. Jan. 10th:
* Class watch Modern Macbeth Film
* Complete your Macbeth Final: Due tomorrow

Fri. Jan. 11th:
* Share Macbeth Finals
* Class begin Final Exam Preparation

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Week 9: What to Expect

Mon. Nov. 19th:
* Human Nature Presentation
* Poetry Practice
* Abstract Poetry Placemat activity
* Words of the Week
* Poet "Sell-Off" Project introduced and organized: Due Thursday
* Choose from Langston Hughes, Charles Bukowski, Sylvia Plath, Maya Angelou, Margaret Atwood, Pablo Neruda

Tues. Nov. 20th:
* Human Nature Presentations
* Poet "Sell-Off" Creation in C126

Wed. Nov. 21st:
* Human Nature Presentation
* Words of the Week
* Complete Poet "Sell-Off"
* Poetry Terms Test

Thurs. Nov. 22nd:
* Poet Sell-Off Share
* Complete outline and arguments for Poetry Compare/Contrast Test Tomorrow

Fri. Nov. 23rd:
* Vocab Quiz
* Poetry Synthesis Written Test
* Portfolio work

Have a Great Long Weekend before your Work Experience! See you "out in the world"!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Week 8: What to Expect

Mon. Nov. 12th: Remembrance Day Holiday
School is Not in Session

Tues. Nov. 13th:
* Human Nature Presentations
* Words of the Week
* Complete Literature Circles questions and discussion
* Class share, and (time pending) role play activity

Wed. Nov. 14th & Thurs. Nov. 15th:
* Class exploration of Schindler's List: What vision of humanity does it showcase? How does it compare and contrast to Elie Wiesel's Night?

Thursday afternoon: C127 exploring ecphrastic poetry and creating your own

Fri. Nov. 16th:
* Human Nature Presentations
* Share your ecphrastic poems
* Individual exploration of William Blake's "The Lamb" and "The Tyger"
* Modelled synthesis response class-created
* Reviews for Poetry Final distributed
* Terms Test next Wed (21st) and Written Test next Friday (23rd)

Have a Great Weekend!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Week 7: What to Expect

Mon. Nov. 5th:
* "Finding Yourself in the Lyrics": Share some of yourself, pick apart a lyric of your life, bring some melodious poetry to start our week
* Make sure you've read Chapter 1 & 2 of Night

Tues. Nov. 6th:
* Exploring, defining and understanding juxtaposition

* Independent read and analyse Chapter 3 of Night: Juxtaposition chart due tomorrow
* Our first Human Nature Presentations! Be Ready
* Class read of Chapter 4 and Chapter 5. Document 2 examples of irony: What is Elie Wiesel trying to communicate?

Wed. Nov. 7th:
* Human Nature Presentations
* Class read Chapter 6. Independently Read Chapter 7 & 8. Complete Reader Response Journal. Due Tomorrow
* Group matching competition for poetic devices: What do you know? What is new? What do you need to learn?
* Class dissect "Mother to Son" by Langston Hughes

* Independent dissection of poem. Choose one father to daughter poem and dissect it like a poetic surgeon. Michael Ondaatje's "To a Sad Daughter" or Fleur Adcock's "For Heidi with Blue Hair." Poem Dissection Due tomorrow 

Thurs. Nov. 8th:
* Human Nature Presentations
* Computer Lab time C126: Complete 2nd Work Placement Request Forms
* Remembrance Day Assembly after lunch
* Class read Chapter 9-11. Meet with Lit Circle groups and decide role. Be ready with discussion questions and ideas for Lit Circles Tuesday.

Fri. Nov. 9th: 
Professional Development Day: School not in session

Have a Great Long Weekend!